20 settembre 2017

Take a tour on this gogeous Hastings home

Dear readers,  from the had of Wealden Times take a tour on the gorgeous home of Helen Robinson at St. Leonards ( Hastings, East Sussex, England) an eclectic mix of styles and a lot of vintage, shabby, antiques, ethnic, Scandinavian and country things.... 

18 settembre 2017

Green Monday.... the Scandinavian Country home of a famous gardens expert in Sweden

Dear readers, today I  peek at the garden expert country house  of  Hannu Sarenström in west Kinekulles(Souther of Sweden), and his magic garden, now this 1921 beautiful place is for sale.... time to change for his owner.


15 settembre 2017

Scandinavian home in Denmark with Botanical and exotic details...

Dear readers, take a tour on the stunning home of Helle Dittler,  co-owner of the interior company VanillaFly, and her family a 200 sqm house close to the water in Solrød Strand (Denmark). The interior décor mixes the classic contemporary Scandinavian style with a lot of exotic furniture and many botanic details in green palette ....


13 settembre 2017

Scandinavian Style country farm in Sweden

Dear readers, from the hand of my Swedish  favourite magazine "Lantliv" I leave you with this  lime stone country farm  of a young family in Scandinavian style contemporary décor.

10 settembre 2017

Sunday inspiration.....Scandinavian and Ethinc style in Stockholm

Dear readers today I leave you with the stunning renovation of a small flat in the charming city of Stockholm. ..48 sqm of Scandinavian and ethnic style full of light and charm.

Via; Skona Hem
Art; Av: Therése Larsson
        Foto: Malin Cropper


1 settembre 2017

Contemporary and Classic Scandinavian 1930's villa in Frederiksborg....

Dear readers, the summer is almost finish, I'm back from this long break and nothing better to start September with a 300 sqm. Scandinavian and Classic style stunning old villa in Frederiksborg near Copenhagen.... The 1930's old villa mix wisely  the contemporary and classic style with a soft palette of colours and modern pieces of furniture....


13 giugno 2017

2017 Summer break & happy summer!!!

 Dear readers, it's time to take a summer break , the school is finish  and I have a lot of work  and is summer time for al the kids here in Rome... so in a couple of weeks I will try to dedicate all my time to my family and specially to my son!!! Of course close to the water, lake, beach, it does not matter  the most important thing is have fun!!!!, Have a huge  2017 summer and see you on September!!!!!

 Lake Vico (Italy)

Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava, Spain)
Tossa de Mar beach......mmmmmmmmmmm

Tuscia (Italy)

Tarquinia (Italy)

Ancient Mosaic, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano
 Photo; Scandinavian Fancy Things


5 giugno 2017

Contemporary Scandinavian Style farm in the Jutland

Dear readers, this Monday I leave you with a 252sqm Contemporary Scandinavian renovated  country farm in  Kolding (Jutland,Denmark), the imprint  of the house is very  minimalist and  with  many shades of grey  but the inner décor it softens with all the light wood furniture ...


31 maggio 2017

French and Provençal style stunning villa in South France...

Dear readers,  I want to live in this stunning home for the rest of my life!!! What a gorgeous place and garden!  I love everything.... Take a tour on this classic stone villa located in the small village of  Uzège ( South of France) in Provençal style , grey and green palette but overall with surprising outdoors...

29 maggio 2017

Scandinavian Summer House in Denmark

Dear readers, today I leave you with a 112 sqm summer family black wood cottage in Rørvig (Dk)  decorated in Scandinavian style and  with a gorgeous collection  of ceramic and porcelain  pieces....


Take a tour on this gogeous Hastings home

Dear readers,  from the had of Wealden Times take a tour on the gorgeous home of Helen Robinson at  St. Leonards ( Hastings, East Sussex,...